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Home of FCKcreative, Life Design Creative & Omah Segara

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Life Design Creative

Tools, Templates & Trainings

•Courses & guidance for midlife mavericks breaking free from disappointment, dysfunction & distress •Fun, curious & kind community exploring creativity & design in all aspects of life


Fun-Curious-Kind Designs

•Original artwork, limited edition prints •Surface patterns for fabric & wallpaper •Graphic designs, digital collage & junk journaling ephemera, clip art & GIFs •Range of apparel, accessories, homewares & gifts

Omah Segara

Musings, Meditations & Magick

•Sweet Saltwater multi volume book series + more epic tales bringing magick to the everyday •Southern Sea Witch Oracle & other card sets •Ethereal guided creative visualisations & meditations

Spotlight: FCKcreative🦩Fun 🦩Curious 🦩Kind Designs… by Flamingo Chick

FCK creative

Fun, Curious, Kind Designs By Flamingo Chick

Explore nature-inspired themes, from coral coastal waters to enigmatic mountain vistas, with a curiosity for the feminine, the ancient & sacred, at times divulging into the whimsical, & avant-garde. Traditional watercolour, oil & pastel methods seamlessly extend into the digital medium, resulting in an original collection beautifully enriched with a respectful fusion of graphic design. This multifaceted approach lends itself to sophisticated yet joyful surface pattern designs, ideal for adorning fabrics and wallpaper. Shay's art pieces can be saturated with dramatic hues or capture fleeting moments in more subdued pastel tones. It can be ornamental & decorative, or authentically emotive in its simplicity. This delicate interplay between soft, muted tones & bold, intense pigments creates an effortless shift between moments of playfulness, & intriguing mystery, defining the very essence of her portfolio. For those seeking to bring a touch of fun & magic into their everyday lives. FCKcreative offers an array of limited edition prints & custom-designed apparel, accessories, homewares, & gifts. Enjoy yourself in the world of FCKcreative, where art is a part of your daily experience.

Life Designer • Art Adventurer • Curious Creative     

• Modern Muse • Whimsical Writer • Magick Mentor

Behind the Canvas

 Hi, I’m Shay, A proud Gen-X, coastal native, born under southern skies on a hot mid-summer’s afternoon. Some may know me as Flamingo Chick, my alter ego & inner muse who shares my personal values centred on fun, curiosity, & kindness (FCK). Unnaturally obsessed with creativity (& flamingos), I identify as a world wandering, adventure seeking Sea Witch, with a dash of neuro-spice (& all things nice). Devoted to both my fur & human families, my pronouns are she/her or they/them, as a proud pansexual grateful to be a loving & loyal wife to my innovative & adventure loving mountain man. Liberated from corporate captivity, & bravely recovered from burnout, bullying & betrayal, I’ve overcome several obstacles (thus far), including a painful illness that drained the life-quality from my teenage years through my twenties, culminating in deep loss & grief when my dreams of motherhood were broken an agonising three times. From this & other significant challenges, I learned to design my life & create more peace, harmony & authentic joy everyday. I found my beautiful Omah Segara, (home by the sea), where I blissfully live with curiosity & creativity as a storyteller, writer, artist, designer, mentor & muse. Life design helps me to grow & thrive, I love more, give more, I’ve become more, & live more everyday. Now I help others through Life Design Creative. With fun, curious & kind creativity & a little magick, we can all live more blissful lives. Although childless here on Earth, I am mama to three (pink feathered) baby angels in heaven - the catalyst & origin of The3Flamingos. From a small idea born from personal tragedy, T3F evolved to help others, and grew to encompass three businesses: FCKcreative, Life Design Creative, and Omah Segara. I warmly welcome & invite you to explore & discover for yourself the magick & mystery, illuminating insights, inspiring imagery & practical philosophies that help you bring design to your life. Shay B Michelle AKA Flamingo Chick

Creative Concepts

A visual experience of FCKcreative’s traditional paintings, graphic art, contemporary designs & animated GIFs 

Designing Your Living Masterpiece 

Explore Life Design Creative framework with online courses and easy & effective tools & templates

Creative Collections 

Essentials from everyday healthy living consumables to home décor & gifts, clothing & accessories, books & meditations


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