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“To create is to connect, to communicate, to care for & cure ourselves. Shay B Michelle

•Life Design Creative
•Omah Segara  

Humans are artists. We each express emotions, share stories, narratives, perspectives & create meanings everyday. When we intentionally & consciously engage in our lives using principles of art & design, we create our masterpieces.” 

Shay B Michelle

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What I Create…

What I paint, draw & compose

Art Adventures 

Embark on an enchanting journey into the world of FCKcreative Studios, nestled along Queensland's picturesque Capricorn Coast. Here, you'll find the artistic vision of Shay B Michelle, aka Flamingo Chick—an eclectic & transdisciplinary artist whose work exhibits hints of Bauhaus, Primitivism, Expressionism & Abstract Impressionism.    Explore nature-inspired themes, from coral coastal waters to enigmatic mountain vistas, with a curiosity of the feminine, the ancient, sacred, & symbolic, at times divulging into the whimsical, & avant-garde. Traditional watercolour, oil & pastel methods seamlessly extend into the digital medium, including AI prompt crafting, pushing the boundaries of her expression & resulting in an original collection beautifully enriched with a respectful fusion of graphic design. This multifaceted approach lends itself to sophisticated yet joyful surface pattern designs, ideal for adorning fabrics and wallpaper. More recently Shay has developed one of her more playful projects with the arrival of FiiCKles. These imaginative creatures share a delicate innocence and expand on her fun and illustrative styles. Shay's art is guided by a carefully curated palette, where coral & sunset tones of orange, red, rose, & pinks harmoniously dance alongside rich & exotic emerald, jade, turquoise, & teals. Her work can be saturated with vibrant hues or capture fleeting moments in more subdued pastel tones. It can be ornamental & decorative, or authentically emotive in its simplicity. This delicate interplay between soft, muted tones & bold, intense pigments creates an effortless shift between moments of playfulness, & intriguing mystery, defining the very essence of her portfolio. 

What I Curate…

What I design & sell

Creative eCommerce Collections

Love creating surface patterns and designs that rock everyday things, like fabrics, wallpaper and almost anything that can be printed on. For those seeking to bring a touch of fun & magic into their lives, FCKcreative offers an array of limited edition prints & custom-designed apparel, accessories, homewares, & gifts. Enjoy yourself in the world of FCKcreative, where art is a part of your daily experience    

With a wide range of products available, this shop is a go-to destination for anyone looking to add a touch of creativity and sophistication to their home or wardrobe. From decorative cushions to elegant dresses, and everything in between, the collection has something to suit every taste and style. What's more, the prints used in the designs are not only beautiful but also ethically sourced, making them a guilt-free purchase. So, whether you're looking to add a splash of color to your living room or elevate your fashion game, be sure to check out Shay B Michelle's online retail shop and experience the magic of her unique artistic prints for yourself.

What I Communicate…

What I write & speak about

Publications & Presentations

Speaking Topics:  .    

• Life Design Creative Cycle
• Designing Your Living Masterpiece (The Art of Life)
• Designing Self (Mind, Body & Soul)
• Designing Play
• Designing Work
• Simple Spaces = Lux Living
• Simple Abundance & Everyday Magic
• Hello Happy Heart
• Are you really Relationship Ready?

Life Design Creative

Many well-intentioned self help, coaching & goal setting approaches hinder creativity by ignoring essential truths about the human experience. They unintentionally obstruct the creative aspirations of others. Creativity transcends linear goals; it demands imagination, intuition, curiosity & courage to bypass fear & ego.

Frustrated by dry, analytical & high pressure practices that stifle potential, yet boast big ticket prices, Shay established the Life Design Creative methodology in response to providing much needed creativity based programs with more affordable options in the personal development, executive life coaching & leadership mentoring space. LDC is a celebration of authenticity, a journey to a more vibrant, alive self, accessible to all seeking to reignite their spark.

The goal is to share the joy of creativity through gentle,  compassionate, fun & playful experiences, helping people apply these tools for deeper self-expression. Art has a transformative power, breathing life into individuals, not only kindling their passion for the creative process but also fostering self-love in its purest form—loving oneself as they are and as they are not, & embracing beautiful imperfections. Participants awaken the artist within, not just of their craft, but of the very act of being alive. This model is not just about working with people who want to be more creative or get through creativity blocks, it is also about using creative tools for anyone who wants to move toward being more alive in a way that feels like coming home to oneself to discover the very essence of who you are & being delighted & empowered by your own limitless enigmatic energy.

What I Conjure…

What I imagine & dream about…

Magick & Musings

Oracles card sets, guided meditations, & magical realism novel series called Sweet Saltwater. It began innocently enough as a collection of short stories, and grew into a 3 volume epic, plus a novelty accompaniment book of sea magick & spells.

Who is Shay B Michelle?

Shay B Michelle

• Artist • Designer • Writer • Mentor • Coach • Muse   

• Facilitator • Communicator   

• Founder & Owner of The 3 Flamingos & Co

Unnaturally obsessed with flamingos, Shay identifies as a world wandering, adventure seeking Sea Witch with a dash of neuro-spice (& all things nice). 


• Flamingos of course! Shay calls it “Flamingology”
• Transdisciplinarity of Art, Innovation & Design
• Human Experience Design & Philosophies   
• Curiosity, Creativity & Expression
• Human Centred Design • Social Design
• Life Design
•Ai & ML


Sydney born, Shay B Michelle is a proud Generation-X, predominantly raised in Australia & New Zealand. Shay travelled & worked globally, before settling with her husband on Queensland’s Capricorn Coast. 

Some may know Shay as Flamingo Chick, her alter ego & inner muse who shares her personal values centred on fun, curiosity, & kindness (FCK).   

In alignment with her passions, Shay studied visual & performing arts, design, philosophy, psychology & business. In 2018 after 3 successful decades enduring the rat race in the entertainment, tourism, events, governance, & banking sectors, Shay cut the proverbial apron strings and was liberated from corporate captivity to focus completely on The 3 Flamingos & Co

After surviving deep loss & grief, and while courageously recovering from burnout, bullying & betrayal, Shay found her beautiful Omah Segara (home by the sea) where she lives with curiosity & creativity as a transdisciplinary artist, designer, writer, mentor & muse.  

Origins & Legacy of The 3 Flamingos

The 3 Flamingos & Co (T3F) was born from personal tragedy & life transition. The idea came while founder Shay B Michelle grieved for her third baby, & it became evident she would not have children of her own. Through a brave discovery & healing journey, Shay found a way of honouring her three (pink feathered) baby angels.

More beautifully, however, was how the experience saved her from continuing a life of disappointment, dysfunction & distress. Aside from the loss, her old life, like many people, was lived by default, denial & demand. Now Shay helps others through Life Design. With fun, curious & kind creativity & a little magick, everyone can live more blissful lives.  

Life design Creative helps people thrive, to love more, give more, be more, & live more everyday.   
Although childless here on Earth, Shay is a mother to her three (pink feathered) baby angels in heaven - and their spirit lives on as the origin of The 3 Flamingos. 
From a small idea born of personal tragedy, T3F grew to encompass three businesses: FCKcreative, Life Design Creative, and Omah Segara. 

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