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Meditation, Musings & Magick 

Welcome to Omah segara

Welcome to Omah Segara

Omah Segara is Javanese meaning “Home by the Sea”. It is my happy home inspiring magick & adventure

Ode to Paradise

Following the line of the ‘Tropic of Capricorn’ and stretching from the pristine Southern Great Barrier Reef in the east to the Central Queensland Highlands in the west, this is a laidback sanctuary offering some of Australia’s best kept secrets. From island hopping and ocean swims, to towering sandstone gorges and epic national parks - this is home.  

Just a hop, skip and a splash from my front door awaits a watery wonderland brimming with corals, turtles and a myriad of rainbow coloured marine life. Find me floating atop sparkling waters as sea creatures pass by.  
Breathing in pure rainforest air at Byfield National Park.  Relaxing in rainforest swimming holes, & wandering alongside flowing fresh water creeks.   
Living here, there’s simply no excuse not to surrender to nature. Time to toss away our phones, iPads & watches; fuel up the boat, grab our tent, torch & tucker, and prepare to become fully immersed in island life, where the rising sun and falling tide are our only guide.


The Sweet Saltwater series is a an intergenerational epic of three women connected through time by local folklore.   

Sweet Saltwater Series

Excerpt from Saltwater Awakening:    

“He was a mortal man, with a spirit as wild and free as the sea itself. His eyes, the color of the ocean on a sunny day, sparkled with a hint of mischief and a touch of sadness. He was not of Ella’s world, but she was drawn to him nonetheless. His rough hands and sun-kissed skin spoke of a life spent on the water, and Ella couldn't help but feel a sense of longing whenever she looked at him.”


Oracles & Affirmation card sets

Southern Sea Witch Oracle Cards 

 Dive into the enchanting world of the Southern Seas & sea magick, where the secrets of the ocean meet the power of divination.     

This beautifully crafted 88-card deck takes you on a captivating journey through the tides of life. Each card is a portal to the ancient magic and the wisdom of sea. It beckons the seeker to plunge into the shadowy abyss of introspection, explore uncharted waters where the darkness and light intertwine, just as the waves embrace the shore. Whether you're a seasoned practitioner of witchcraft or a curious explorer of the unknown, the Southern Sea Witch Oracle is your compass. Gain insights and navigate through waves of life. Set sail on your adventure of self-discovery, embracing both stormy and calm seas of your own mystical odyssey! Time to begin your voyage of self-discovery and embrace the magic within. Take the plunge and let the waves of wisdom carry you. What's Included: - 88 beautifully illustrated cards - An insightful guidebook for interpretation - A sturdy, keepsake box for safekeeping A Unique Gift for Seekers, Sea Witches and Sea Lovers


Creative Visualisation, Affirmations & Meditations

Can’t wait to share the new Omah Segara Meditation Series launching Spring 2023. In the meantime enjoy some favourites from other amazing meditation productions 

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