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Purpose, Promise, Passion, Pillars, Philosophy & Principles:

What we do, How we do,   
& Why we do things


PURPOSE: The reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists. PASSION: Intense & inspiring emotion compelling action towards an aspirational future & a greater good beyond ourselves. (aka Vision) PROMISE: Commitment that reinforces trust. Who we serve, what we do, our objectives, and our approach to reaching those objectives. (aka Mission) PILLAR: Key structure on which something else is based or depends. PRINCIPLE: Truth, belief, or idea that guides you with standards of behaviour. (aka Values) PHILOSOPHY: A system of theories & ideas about ourselves, humanity, the world & life including how they relate to each other. (aka Credo/Belief)


Bring Design to Your Life We specialise in helping mid-life mavericks existing by default, dysfunction, disappointment, denial, distress &/or disharmony to live more creatively by their design.


Everyone deserves to live better We believe in the power of Life Design Helping people design & craft living masterpieces through curiosity & creativity With Brave Minds, Blissful Bodies & Beautiful Souls Transforming lives & ultimately the world.


The3Flamingos welcome community & foster a sense of belonging. With mind, body & soul, we help each other to Give more, Love more, Be more & Live more. Kind curiosity & intentional creativity guides us to more meaningful life, work & play. Life Design offers us flexibility, fun & freedom to live Brave, Beautiful & Blissful Lives


•FIT & FAB Physical Wellbeing/Health •SIMPLE SPACES Time/Environment •MIND MATTERS Intellect/Mindset •HAPPY HEART Emotional Wellbeing/Self-awareness •SOUL SEARCH Spirituality/Consciousness •RELATIONSHIP READY Love/Family/Social/Communication •CAREER CALLING Work/Occupation •FINANCIAL FREEDOM Abundance/Prosperity

Curious about Life Design Creative (LDC)?


When we align & design our external environment & regular rituals with our internal intentions using elements, principles & methods of art & design, with a curious & creative mindset - we empower ourselves to effortlessly live with Brave Minds, Blissful Bodies, & Beautiful Souls, enabling us to Give More, Love More, Be More, & Live More



F for Fun & Freedom

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Fun is to surrender to play. Freedom to be fabulous. Be brave, create beauty. Spark & spread joy, abundance & bliss.

L for Love of Life

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Love life & live the life you love. Believe life is beautiful. Live mindfully & with purpose inspiring holistic & healthy, simple & sustainable, natural & organic choices.

A for Art & Adventure 

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Life is art & art is life. Seek adventure & have fun. Be brave & resilient, positive & proactive. Explore & adapt.

M for Morals & Magick

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Enjoy peace of mind by always taking the moral high ground ethically, environmentally + economically. In relation to both natural & supernatural forces, our thoughts, intentions & activities are harmless, helping & healing for others & ourselves.

I for Innovate & Inspire

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Courageously curious. Create opportunity. Innovate & grow for a better future. Inspire others towards infinite possibilities.

N for Nuture & Nature

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Be kind. Nurture ourselves & others potential, contributions & unique gifts. Respect, honour & care for nature.

G for Generosity, Gratitude & Grace

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Give more, be generous always. Gratitude changes everything. Strength with grace = confidence without ego.

O for Open-Minded yet Obsessed 

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Dare to stand up, stand tall & stand out embracing diversity with an open-mind. Healthy & balanced obsession that motivate us into action from a continuous, powerful idea or feeling to create generously, meaningfully & positively. 

S for Safety, Spirited & Soulful 

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Safety first. Full of good energy, enthusiasm & determination. Proud & passionate spirit committed to extraordinary quality & standards. Connected to the human experience & the expression of deep meaningful feelings & emotions.

T3F Companies

Business Outline

Every business is aligned with T3F promise, passion, & principles, and plays a part in our greater community 


The Mothership My businesses are in honour of my three pink winged baby angels 𓅦𓅦𓅦


Home to: •FCK Art & Design Studio  •Graphic Design  •Gifs & Giggles  •Online Retail Range •Flamingo Chick đ“…¦The fun & creative child

Life Design Creative

Home to: •LDC training & courses •Templates & tools •Non-Fiction book series •Keynote speaker series 𓅦The intellectual & wise child

Omah Segara

Home to: •Inspiration, Magick & Adventures •Children’s book series •Fiction novels •Meditation series •Oracle cards •Magick affirmations 𓅦The spiritual & adventurous child

Ambassadorships & Affiliations

Here is what I support & don’t support regarding Direct Sales

Unashamedly proud to support & partner with the following Network Marketing/ Direct Sales Companies:
Please Note-I do not recruit down line teams nor promote Multi-Level-Marketing or MLMs as a viable business model to earn a living or solve money issues or obtain more freedom and time to spend with family etc. MLMs are hard work, they require considerable time, energy, and cashflow to achieve a level where earnings come close to a full time income. For most people, MLMs may end up costing more money and time than intended. Be mindful that often representatives of MLMs may not be providing factual information through either not understanding the business model or guidelines themselves, or at times through deceptive marketing. HOWEVER, I do support promoting and selling products that I personally use and love, be it directly or through affiliate links. It’s a bonus if I earn a little pocket money through sharing and advocating products &/or services that have benefited me personally. From my experience the companies I support have demonstrated a proven track record of transparency and integrity, providing their customers with options, and fulfilling the higher standards of Australian Consumer Law, and Product Safety Standards.

Grace by Shay

Australian based, family owned Aloe based health & personal care products with Pro-Ma & Grace Skincare 


Aromatherapy oils plus more with DoTERRA 

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