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Purpose, Promise, Passion, Pillars, Philosophy & Principles:

What we do, How we do,   
& Why we do things


PURPOSE: The reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists. PASSION: Intense & inspiring emotion compelling action towards an aspirational future & a greater good beyond ourselves. (aka Vision) PROMISE: Commitment that reinforces trust. Who we serve, what we do, our objectives, and our approach to reaching those objectives. (aka Mission) PILLAR: Key structure on which something else is based or depends. PRINCIPLE: Truth, belief, or idea that guides you with standards of behaviour. (aka Values) PHILOSOPHY: A system of theories & ideas about ourselves, humanity, the world & life including how they relate to each other. (aka Credo/Belief)


Bring Design to Your Life We specialise in helping mid-life mavericks existing by default, dysfunction, disappointment, denial, distress &/or disharmony to live more creatively by their design.


Everyone deserves to live better We believe in the power of Life Design Helping people design & craft living masterpieces through curiosity & creativity With Brave Minds, Blissful Bodies & Beautiful Souls Transforming lives & ultimately the world.


The3Flamingos welcome community & foster a sense of belonging. With mind, body & soul, we help each other to Give more, Love more, Be more & Live more. Kind curiosity & intentional creativity guides us to more meaningful life, work & play. Life Design offers us flexibility, fun & freedom to live Brave, Beautiful & Blissful Lives


•FIT & FAB Physical Wellbeing/Health •SIMPLE SPACES Time/Environment •MIND MATTERS Intellect/Mindset •HAPPY HEART Emotional Wellbeing/Self-awareness •SOUL SEARCH Spirituality/Consciousness •RELATIONSHIP READY Love/Family/Social/Communication •CAREER CALLING Work/Occupation •FINANCIAL FREEDOM Abundance/Prosperity

Curious about Life Design Creative (LDC)?


When we align & design our external environment & regular rituals with our internal intentions using elements, principles & methods of art & design, with a curious & creative mindset - we empower ourselves to effortlessly live with Brave Minds, Blissful Bodies, & Beautiful Souls, enabling us to Give More, Love More, Be More, & Live More



F for Fun & Freedom

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Fun is to surrender to play. Freedom to be fabulous. Be brave, create beauty. Spark & spread joy, abundance & bliss.

L for Love of Life

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Love life & live the life you love. Believe life is beautiful. Live mindfully & with purpose inspiring holistic & healthy, simple & sustainable, natural & organic choices.

A for Art & Adventure 

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Life is art & art is life. Seek adventure & have fun. Be brave & resilient, positive & proactive. Explore & adapt.

M for Morals & Magick

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Enjoy peace of mind by always taking the moral high ground ethically, environmentally + economically. In relation to both natural & supernatural forces, our thoughts, intentions & activities are harmless, helping & healing for others & ourselves.

I for Innovate & Inspire

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Courageously curious. Create opportunity. Innovate & grow for a better future. Inspire others towards infinite possibilities.

N for Nuture & Nature

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Be kind. Nurture ourselves & others potential, contributions & unique gifts. Respect, honour & care for nature.

G for Generosity, Gratitude & Grace

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Give more, be generous always. Gratitude changes everything. Strength with grace = confidence without ego.

O for Open-Minded yet Obsessed 

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Dare to stand up, stand tall & stand out embracing diversity with an open-mind. Healthy & balanced obsession that motivate us into action from a continuous, powerful idea or feeling to create generously, meaningfully & positively. 

S for Safety, Spirited & Soulful 

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Safety first. Full of good energy, enthusiasm & determination. Proud & passionate spirit committed to extraordinary quality & standards. Connected to the human experience & the expression of deep meaningful feelings & emotions.

T3F Companies

Business Outline

Every business is aligned with T3F promise, passion, & principles, and plays a part in our greater community 


The Mothership My businesses are in honour of my three pink winged baby angels 𓅦𓅦𓅦


Home to: •FCK Art & Design Studio  •Graphic Design  •Gifs & Giggles  •Online Retail Range •Flamingo Chick đ“…¦The fun & creative child

Life Design Creative

Home to: •LDC training & courses •Templates & tools •Non-Fiction book series •Keynote speaker series 𓅦The intellectual & wise child

Omah Segara

Home to: •Inspiration, Magick & Adventures •Children’s book series •Fiction novels •Meditation series •Oracle cards •Magick affirmations 𓅦The spiritual & adventurous child

Ambassadorships & Affiliations

Business Outline

Unashamedly proud to support & partner with the following Network Marketing/ Direct Sales Companies

Grace by Shay

Australian based, family owned Aloe based health & personal care products with Pro-Ma & Grace Skincare 


Aromatherapy oils plus more with DoTERRA 

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