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•Life Design Creative
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The3Flamingos (T3F) was born from personal tragedy & life transition. The idea came while grieving my 3rd baby, & it became evident I would be childless. Through a brave discovery & healing journey, I found a way of honouring my 3 (pink feathered) baby angels. 🦩🦩🦩 More beautifully, however, was how this saved me from continuing a life of disappointment, dysfunction & distress. Aside from the loss, my old life, like many of us, was lived by default, denial & demand. Now I help others through Life Design. With fun, curious & kind creativity & a little magick, we can all live more blissful lives.

The 3 Flamingos & Co


Fun • Curious • Kind Designs by Flamingo Chick * Original artwork, limited edition prints * Surface patterns for fabric & wallpaper * Graphic & Gif designs * Art inspired range of apparel, accessories, homewares & gifts

Life Design Creative

Bring Design to Your Life * Transforming courses & mentorship * Guidance for midlife mavericks to break free from disappointment, dysfunction & distress * Community of fun, curious & kind humans exploring creativity & design in every aspect of life

Omah Segara

Bring Magick to Everyday Life * Sweet Saltwater Novels, & other epic adventures that bring magick alive * Southern Sea Witch Oracle cards & other enlightening card sets * Enchanting guided Creative Visualisations & Meditations

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Life Design Creative (LDC) Community Hub Courses,  tools, trackers, templates & resources PLUS freebies & giveaways

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