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FCKcreative Studio & Gallery

Fun • Curious • Kind
Art & Designs
by Flamingo Chick

Come with me, & you’ll be, in a world of pure imagination 

Embark on an enchanting journey into the world of FCKcreative Studios, nestled along Queensland's picturesque Capricorn Coast. Here, you'll find the artistic vision of Shay B Michelle, aka Flamingo Chick—an eclectic & transdisciplinary artist whose work exhibits hints of Bauhaus, Primitivism, & Post-Impressionism.

Explore nature-inspired themes, from coral coastal waters to enigmatic mountain vistas, with a curiosity of the feminine, the ancient & sacred, at times divulging into the whimsical, & avant-garde. Traditional watercolour, oil & pastel methods seamlessly extend into the digital medium, including AI prompt crafting, pushing the boundaries of her expression & resulting in an original collection beautifully enriched with a respectful fusion of graphic design. This multifaceted approach lends itself to sophisticated yet joyful surface pattern designs, ideal for adorning fabrics and wallpaper.

Shay's art is guided by a carefully curated palette, where coral & sunset tones of orange, red, rose, & pinks harmoniously dance alongside rich & exotic emerald, jade, turquoise, & teals. Her work can be saturated with vibrant hues or capture fleeting moments in more subdued pastel tones. It can be ornamental & decorative, or authentically emotive in its simplicity. This delicate interplay between soft, muted tones & bold, intense pigments creates an effortless shift between moments of playfulness, & intriguing mystery, defining the very essence of her portfolio.

For those seeking to bring a touch of fun & magic into their lives, FCKcreative offers an array of limited edition prints & custom-designed apparel, accessories, homewares, & gifts. Enjoy yourself in the world of FCKcreative, where art is a part of your daily experience.

Playful Patterns & Prints

Surface patterns for fabrics & wallpaper   

Watercolours & Digital Mixed Media

Hibiscus Dreams

Coastal Wanderings

Salty air, sea spray, summer squall, reflecting ripples. 

Watercolour & Pastels

Before the Storm

Feeling Feminine

Womens wisdom & the Maternal Mystique 

Watercolours, Pastels & Oils

Dusk Dance

Fun, Fantasy & Freedom

Combination of traditional watercolour, pastel, oil, with

mixed media digital & Ai prompt crafting 

Time Before Us

Moody Mountains • Sky Scraping Steel • Coastal Echoes 

Moments Captured

Moody Mountains • Sky Scraping Steel • Coastal Echoes 

Capricorn Coast, Qld / Darumbal Country 2019 Bushfire Sunrise

Savouring the memories of moments that don’t last

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