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Midlife Misery To 

Messy Midlife Muse

The clouds are the walls and the air is the ground

And then when you fly you will discover a new reality and a new world with new insane rules. Do you really think you are ready?

Discovering forgotten beauty of gold ages

Beauty as a hidden treasure

At times, things get hidden away and forgotten. It's like finding a treasure in dusty corners. They have stories to tell.

A peak into the past

Each stroke of paint on these old artworks is like a window to the past. They show us how people saw and felt things long ago.

A lesson in persistence

They have survived all these years, waiting for us to discover them again.

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Autumn 2021

Moments captured through my lens

Autumn 2021

Brazil 2019 — I didn’t use any filter. The sky was literally purple.

Memories last more than you think

Visit Armenia: Our Journey to Self-Discovery

We are very lucky to live in this progressive world. The new technologies make us more and more connected. While at the same time we’re becoming more disconnected from our surroundings, from nature. With our daily work routine, it feels like we’re missing out on something. Something very important or, we simply want something new, something unforgettable - a new experience. This concrete jungle is full of restless minds. The hustle is exhausting. Every human being has to take a break from work. There are so many places and things yet to be discovered. Filled with anticipation and desire to discover our country, we started our journey to the deepest and the wildest parts of Armenia. Everything has its ups and downs. But there’s something in this world that is constant - the magnificence of mountains. Only the bravest dare to climb their white and dazzling summits. You forget about everything in the mountains. Your mind is clear. You feel the strength to face your fears. Forests are the lungs of our country, while rivers are its veins. They have their own gossip, their sounds, and whispers. We are driven by the idea to cherish and protect them as we all depend on nature. We can endlessly talk about the beauty of our nature. But, you’d better see it with your own eyes. The treasures of Armenia are not limited to its nature. We have our heritage preserved throughout the centuries: the traditions of our ancestors, our old churches and monuments. Located at the wildest and the furthest regions of our country, their glory will never fade away. In this digitalized world, we often forget about the true meaning of life. The journey to self-discovery begins with understanding the world we live in. It’s hard to see the whole picture when you’re limited to a single point of view. The time to change your view has come. Visit Armenia - where all the wandering travelers find themselves.

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Vision Insurance

High technology has changed people’s life in a positive way. Nowadays we get our work, entertainment and other needs covered by computers, smartphones, tablets and such kind devices. Though it has its positive sides we should not forget that those devices are harmful for the eyesight and may cause vision problems.So, we have decided to take care of your eyes and provide you the best vision insurance to help you overcome those unpleasant optical issues. It provides coverage for people of all ages at a very low price.

$9.99 per month

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